A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope & Courage during an Unplanned Pregnancy

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When going through a personal struggle, there’s no better help than to receive hope from someone who once stood where you are standing now. For the single woman or young girl with an unplanned pregnancy, A Bump in Life will help anyone going through or connected with this situation move from feelings of loneliness, shame, and worry to the far more lasting joy that is God’s redemptive blessing of a child.
• A hope-filled collection of real life stories by inspiring young girls from different backgrounds who all experienced God’s grace and redemption in their journeys through unplanned pregnancy.
• Foreword from Dan Dean of popular award-winning Christian music group Phillips, Craig & Dean and his daughter Danielle has Embrace Grace story in the book.
• An excellent source of encouragement and hope for anyone.



“My mom was encouraged to abort her first baby due to major health concerns, she chose life. I am glad she did cause I wouldn’t have been able to be born and live out the calling God has on my life.

Wherever you find your story- hold onto Jesus and trust that He’ll walk you through this season because the little life inside of you wants to impact this world for Jesus. ‘A Bump in Life’ will give you hope to walk this out!”

Kari Jobe Worship Leader, Artist, Songwriter


robertanddebbieThere is nothing as truly wonderful as finding out you’re pregnant unless the timing feels off. Of all the options available to pregnant women facing hardships, the choice to give birth requires the most courage. At Gateway Church, we put a big emphasis on helping single-parent families, and we are so proud of what Amy Ford has done with Embrace Grace.

In A Bump in Life, Amy shares her insights along with the courageous stories of women who chose life when they discovered they were pregnant. Their stories will inspire and encourage you.

Robert & Debbie Morris

Founding Senior Pastor & Executive Pastor, Gateway Church

Pastor Robert is the bestselling author of The Blessed Life, and Pastor Debbie is the author of The Blessed Woman.

Together, they wrote The Blessed Marriage.


jonilamb“As I read the heart-wrenching stories in A Bump in Life of these young women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, my heart is even more stirred to tell the world abortion is not an option. I applaud Amy Ford and the work she is doing with Embrace Grace.  This book will be a tool to penetrate the darkness and light the pathway for young women to experience God’s beautiful peace and restoration.”

Joni Lamb
Co-Founder & Vice-President of Daystar Television Network
Author of Surrender All: Your Answer to Living with Peace, Power and Purpose


dandean“Amy offers hope and unconditional love to those who walk the journey of having an unplanned pregnancy. Her story provides encouragement in the waiting. Her story gives escape from shame and guilt of unplanned miracles of grace. And her story provides comfort to parents who feel guilt and pain as well. My prayer is that your life will be impacted by these stories in the same way I have been.”

Dan Dean

Lead Pastor, Heartland Church, Carrollton, TX

Lead Singer, Phillips, Craig & Dean



“While the rest of the culture argues, postures and politicizes, Amy Ford just practically and powerfully demonstrates love to hurting and confused girls. I love this, and so I love this book.

Like the blind man who says, “all I know was I was once blind and now I see,”Amy, in her book,  gives girls a chance to say the same. I was once alone, now I have family. I was once afraid, now I am confident. I was once confused, now I know how to make it through. We need more Amy Ford’s in the world.”


Bob Hamp

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Author of Think Differently Live Differently


jangreenwood“For many of us, some of the greatest blessings of our lives began with an “Oh no!” moment. What we thought was the end of something was in fact the birth of a new beginning.  So it was for Amy Ford and the countless young women she has walked through an unplanned pregnancy.  Having had a front row seat to the birth of Embrace Grace, I can say with certainty that Amy is truly a Titus 2 woman. She offers a young and inexperienced mom her wisdom, encouragement and love.  As you read A Bump in Life, you sit in the shoes of many of those young women and experience the power of acceptance over judgment, hope over despair and life over death.  Amy’s story, her heart to serve, and her willingness to pay the price to help another gives me hope – hope for these babies, hope for these women and hope for the Church.”


Jan Greenwood, pastor of Pink/Gateway Women, Author of Women at War


kerrieoles“Great lessons are learned when we go from a breakdown into a breakthrough. A Bump in Life gives incredible pictures of precious lives that were on the verge of a breakdown and shows how they kept walking toward their redemptive breakthrough. The stories are real. Each page holds within it such truth that God will never leave us no matter what our situation. As you read each story, you can see, not only did Amy’s ministry help these girls to know Jesus, but they helped them walk with Him. Their testimonies ring true with clarity and should give every reader renewed hope, that, even though we may have bumps in life, God turns every situation that seems hopeless into a beautiful blessing!” 


Kerrie Oles, Living Divine Ministries                                                                                                                        

Author of Invisible Chains, and Freedom teacher at Gateway church



“I picked up A Bump in Life intending to just start a chapter, but as I read I couldn’t put it down.  As a woman who found herself pregnant and unmarried, I wish I had chosen life as these brave women in the stories have. Story after story stirred my heart and reminded me of God’s goodness. Amy Ford unveils lives that inspire each of us to embrace grace, even in the hardest of circumstances.”

Irini Fambro, Author of Made for More, 

Ordained Pastor, and Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School