Book Amy for your Next Event: Speaking Topics

Amy Ford

Amy speaks nationally to women of all ages. Below is a sampling of her speaking topics. She is also happy to prepare a new and fresh topic to accommodate a specific event. To book Amy for a speaking engagement, please contact the Embrace Grace office:


Amy’s passions are to speak on LIFE & LOVE – How to inspire the choice of life through loving people. Amy can inspire an audience to get involved and to give to pro-life organizations that come alongside girls with unplanned pregnancies. Because of her close work with young women that choose life, she understands the value and importance of pregnancy centers and maternity homes. She hears first-hand how the center and the loving people that run them, are who played an integral role in saving the baby. Amy loves to share real testimonials of young women that said their pregnancy center is what inspired them to choose life.
How to change the hearts of a generation and Love for Life! Most churches advocate pro-life and tell people abortion is IMG_3949wrong, but then when a girl chooses life and resists abortion, should they just turn their back on the girls? If the church was a safe place without shame and condemnation, then why aren’t more girls running to the church for help? What if we thought differently about people, and look past people’s sins and looked at the actual person? What if we honored girls that chose life for their baby? What if we made the church a safe place for girls to take refuge for their weary hearts. What do you think would happen with the pro-life/pro-choice issue? What if we pointed each life to the foot of the cross and helped inspire a passionate relationship with Christ? What would happen? God’s kindness leads us to repentance. We are here to show the love of Christ. I challenge you to think differently about people you encounter and meet. God is bringing you people to love on, no matter what they are going through. Love can change everything.


When we see the value in every person we meet, and just LOVE, the trickle effect is never-ending. When you look past tattoos, gauges, attitude problems,Amy Ford 0026 appearances, statistics and everything else, but just really look into the heart of people, you will be surprised by what you might see. They are so brave! They are so smart and real and have dreams! They are strong and they have survived through events that you might think are unfathomable. And they are still going. They are walking through life, some with a lot of hurt but they still have hope. They are all around us. Amy has countless stories of meeting people at fast food restaurants, dry cleaners, mailgirl, even the girl sitting next to you at church (schocker!) where just saying a word or reaching out with love, impacted their lives in some way. And by serving and loving, Amy was completely impacted and changed forever by the lives that she encountered. LOVING BIG is fun!! 


Amy loves to inspire people to find their calling in life and get their hands dirty and serve among the people. When we find our purpose in life and what God’s IMG_4083destiny is for our lives, and come alongside Him to fulfill that purpose, there is no stopping us. What is God stirring in your heart? You know you weren’t created for something ordinary either … you were called to greatness. Where are you called to serve? Even if you can’t see the whole picture, what baby step is God placing on your heart? Take a step into your calling and destiny! He doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called! God put you on the planet for something extraordinary Being under the covering of your church and doing our purpose connected to a bigger thing can accomplish much more than trying to run off and do it on your own. Connect yourself to what God is doing in your church and you will find your place! 


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